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Yurakucho Developed at the Leading Forefront of the Era

In 1868, Edo was renamed Tokyo. From that period onwards, Japan entered a period of rapid westernization and modernization. Western buildings were built in quick succession, completely changing Tokyo's appearance. Society itself began to thoroughly mimic western civilization, significantly influencing Japanese dietary customs. In just a few decades, the westernization reached every corner of society, with brick structures in Ginza, city trains, and western business buildings appearing. Along with Ginza and Marunouchi, Yurakucho was on the cutting edge of this advancement, and was a sought-after destination for many people.

Tokyo Metropolitan Archives

In an instant, the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 destroyed a large area of Tokyo. Ginza and Yurakucho sustained major damage. During post-quake reconstruction, major department stores and theaters such as Hogakuza, Nihon Gekijo, and the Takarazuka Revenue opened up. Yurakucho became the most fashionable entertainment districts at the time, bustling with crowds.

Tokyo Metropolitan Archives

From a hub for entertainment to an epicenter for Japanese culture

While the Yurakucho of the prewar era had already developed as a great town, it was still far removed from regular people. However, in the postwar period leading up to the 1960s, Japan entered a golden era of cinema. Many movie theaters were built in the neighborhoods of Yurakucho and Hibiya, transforming the areas into theater and movie towns, and giving birth to a full-fledged entertainment culture. In addition, the popular 1957 hit song “Yurakucho de Aimasho” rapidly popularized the neighborhood, increasing its name recognition, and establishing Yurakucho as a hub for entertainment.

Tokyo Metropolitan Archives

The 2019 staging of Mangekyo, a state-of-the-art Japanese form of entertainment, will be presented in Yurakucho. Seeing original entertainment such as Mangekyo in the tradition-filled neighborhood of Yurakucho will mark the turning of a new page in entertainment. Having impressed over 8 million viewers across the globe, Mangekyo will show off the charms of Japanese culture to the world with Yurakucho as its base.

Come to Yurakucho and see Mangekyo, starting April 2019!