December 3, 2018

Public Performance of “Wadaiko”
Entertainment for Foreigners Visiting Japan “Mangekyo”
Permanent Performance in Yurakucho Decided!
500 Performances To Be Held Annually by DRUM TAO

JTB Communication Design, Inc. (located in Minato-Ku, Tokyo, headed by Akihiro Hosono, and hereinafter referred to as “JTB Communication Design”), which supplies various communication services within the JTB Group, has decided on the permanent performance of “Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo –Mangekyo-” which will celebrate its third year in 2019. “Mangekyo”, an entertainment feature, will be planned and produced together with a “wadaiko” group, DRUM TAO, which has held public performances in 500 cities in 26 countries in the world and drawn a total of eight million spectators. So far, starting from 60 performances in September 2017, in 2018 240 performances have been held in spring and autumn, gaining popularity with many people.
The Japan-specific production involving the fusion of the traditional and avant-garde sounds of wadaiko and technologies such as projection mapping of images particularly attracted foreign visitors to Japan, regardless of nationality or language, and received high evaluation as non-verbal entertainment.
The permanent performance of “Mangekyo” will start from April 10, 2019 (Wed.) and be held 500 times a year at the Alternative Theatre in Yurakucho, Tokyo. No matter when you visit Japan, you’ll be able to enjoy this performance anytime in between your sightseeing.

*Photo: performance from the 2018 spring performance (Yurakucho)

By expanding the appeal of “Mangekyo” inside and outside Japan, JTB Communication Design will aim for a “Tokyo and Japan that people of the world over want to visit”. JTB Communication Design will design Tokyo as a new form of entertainment-based international exchange, thereby creating new communication.

Media contact:
Public Relations Room of JTB: Phone 03-5796-5833
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Area Management Business Department of JTB Communication Design
Phone: 03-5657-0698
Persons in charge: Inoue and Ohnishi

Overview of permanent performance of “Mangekyo” *as of December 3, 2018
- Name: Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo -MANGEKYO-
- Performance schedule: from April 10, 2019 (Wed.)
- Event site: Alternative Theatre (Yurakucho)
Annex 7F, Yurakucho Mullion (Yurakucho Center Bldg.),
Yurakucho 2-5-1, Chiyoda-ku. Tokyo
- Sponsor: JTB Communication Design, Inc.
- Planning and production: JTB Communication Design, Inc., TAO Entertainment Co., Ltd.
- Performer: DRUM TAO
- Co-sponsor: Studio Alta Company, Limited
- Official website:
*Regarding the performance schedule, admission fee, and sales locations, we will post it on the official website in order.

Performer information

This is a wadaiko group admired all over the world as the top level non-verbal “Japanese Entertainment” in Japan. The group has been seen by eight million spectators in 500 cities in 26 countries around the world.
In 2015, the production team, which was nominated in four (4) divisions of the Broadway Tony Awards, gathered again for TAO, and in 2016 the group saw great success in an Off-Broadway public performance in New York City.
Currently, the activities of DRUM TAO are attracting attention around the world, and are noted in the media too.

Event site
Alternative Theatre (Yurakucho)

The Alternative Theatre was opened in July 2017 in Yurakucho. This is a state-of-the-art theater operated by Studio Alta.
The theater has approximately 400 seats very close to the stage, giving the audience a good view of the stage and a sense of unity with the performance.
The theater uses its stage technologies keeps the audience entertained with an experience not available anywhere else.
The theater is located in “Yurakucho”, one of the biggest downtowns in the world and an attractive area, having a good traffic accessibility, in which people can enjoy food and shopping as well as performances at the theater on weekdays and holidays.