About the Performance

  • How long is the performance?

    It is about 80 minutes.
    (There is no intermission.)

  • What time does the theater open?

    The theater opens 30 minutes before the performance starts.
    However, we may ask you to wait in the lobby while the performance is in preparation.

About the Tickets

  • Can I change or cancel the tickets I bought?

    All purchases are final.
    Please make sure the date and amount are correct when you buy them.

  • If I lose or forget to bring my tickets, can you reissue them?

    Please note that we cannot reissue tickets that are lost, stolen, damaged, etc.

  • Do you have walk-up tickets?

    Yes, please buy at the ticket counter located in the theater lobby. Please be aware that the number is limited.

About the Seats

  • Do you have any limitation for children?

    Yes. We apologize, but children under elementary school age are not permitted to enter.

  • Even if I purchase a ticket for my child and let him/her sit on my lap, I still can't bring my child?

    Unfortunately, we do not allow entry for children under elementary school age.

  • How many seats do you have?

    We have around 370 seats, and reservations are required.
    Moving seats is not permitted without notifying us.

  • Can we go to our seats soon after the theater opens?

    The theater opens 30 minutes before the performance starts.
    It can become very crowded around the starting time.

About Access to The Theater

  • Do you have a parking lot?

    You can use the one in Yurakucho Mullion or the ones near our theater.
    We are afraid that we cannot reserve them for you.

  • What is the nearest station?

    It is about a 3-minute walk from Chuouguchi/Ginzaguchi Exit of Yurakucho station on the JR Yamanote line, or about a 1-minute walk from the C4 Exit of Ginza station on Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Hibiya line and Marunouchi line.

About the Facility

  • Is smoking available?

    We are sorry but smoking is prohibited in the theater.

  • Do you have a nursery?

    We are sorry but we don't have one.

  • Do you have any place for changing diapers or breast feeding?

    We are sorry but we don't have one.

  • Can I enter in the middle of the event if I am late for the opening time?

    We are sorry but we have to ask you to wait until the music stops. Also, we cannot guide you to your seats, so please make sure to arrive before the starting time.

  • Do you have a cloakroom?

    We are sorry but we don't have any.
    Please use coin lockers near the theater.

  • Can I hand a gift to the performers?

    Please ask the staff directly. We cannot allow you to hand it directly to the performers.

About Support (Wheelchair etc.)

  • Can I enter with my wheelchair?

    Yes. We have some seats for those with wheelchairs.

  • How can I buy tickets for wheelchair seats?

    Please send an email directly to the MANGEKYO office.

  • Can you guide me with wheelchair to my seat?

    Please send an email directly to the MANGEKYO office before purchasing tickets.

  • Do you have bathroom for those with wheelchairs?

    Yes, we do.

  • Can I bring my guide dog, hearing dog, or assistance dog into the theater with me?

    Please send an email directly to the MANGEKYO office before purchasing tickets.

About Food and Beverage

  • Can I bring my own food or beverage?

    We are sorry but we don't allow you to bring any food or bevarage to the theater.
    You can enjoy some drinks at the bar counter in the building.

About Items

  • Can I buy the items online?

    We don't have any online shops, so please buy at the theater.

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