Japanese Entertainment at its Finest!
Traditional Drums and Visual Projection

Yurakucho (near Ginza), Tokyo

Performance starts at
15:00 / 20:00

80 minutes

Ticket Prices
8,500 JPY

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Performance Outline

Public Performance of "Wadaiko" Entertainment for Foreigners Visiting Japan "Mangekyo"
Permanent Performance in Yurakucho Decided!
500 Performances To Be Held Annually by DRUM TAO

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JTB Communication Design, Inc. (located in Minato-Ku, Tokyo, headed by Akihiro Hosono, and hereinafter referred to as "JTB Communication Design"), which supplies various communication services within the JTB Group, has decided on the permanent performance of "Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo –Mangekyo-" which will celebrate its third year in 2019.

"Mangekyo", an entertainment feature, will be planned and produced together with a "wadaiko" group, DRUM TAO, which has held public performances in 500 cities in 26 countries in the world and drawn a total of eight million spectators. So far, starting from 60 performances in September 2017, in 2018 240 performances have been held in spring and autumn, gaining popularity with many people.

The Japan-specific production involving the fusion of the traditional and avant-garde sounds of wadaiko and technologies such as projection mapping of images particularly attracted foreign visitors to Japan, regardless of nationality or language, and received high evaluation as non-verbal entertainment.

The permanent performance of "Mangekyo" will start from April 10, 2019 (Wed.) and be held 500 times a year at the Alternative Theatre in Yurakucho, Tokyo. No matter when you visit Japan, you'll be able to enjoy this performance anytime in between your sightseeing.

Viewers’ Comments

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  • It was a great experience. Every staff were courteous and helpful. The venue was easy to find and size was just perfect, not too big. The music and show was like combining Japanese traditions with modern musical beats. Mix of comedy and emotions.

  • I have watched drum Tao in Singapore, and watching them in Japan was a whole new experience! amazing show with impressive effects!

  • Very exciting! Non-field recommend everyone! After that there will be chances to see again!

  • The wonderful performances were performed by members of the team who were meticulous in their rhythm, and they really enjoyed the unexpected performance when traveling to Tokyo.


Overview of permanent performance of "Mangekyo" *as of December 3, 2018

- Name: Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo -MANGEKYO-

- Performance schedule: from April 10, 2019 (Wed.)

- Event site: Alternative Theatre (Yurakucho) Annex 7F, Yurakucho Mullion (Yurakucho Center Bldg.), Yurakucho 2-5-1, Chiyoda-ku. Tokyo

- Sponsor: JTB Communication Design, Inc.

- Planning and production: JTB Communication Design, Inc., TAO Entertainment Co., Ltd.

- Performer: DRUM TAO

- Co-sponsor: Studio Alta Company, Limited

- Official website: https://mangekyo-tokyo.com/en/

*Regarding the performance schedule, admission fee, and sales locations, we will post it on the official website in order.

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DRUM TAO - Japanese Drum Artists

DRUM TAO is an energetic group pursuing a Japanese-style musical expression, using wadaiko traditional drums and various other instruments. Since its inception in 1993, the group has drawn ardent supporters from all over the world.

They have toured 24 countries and 500 cities, reaching out to the audience of eight million people through their powerful stage performances. In 2016, DRUM TAO performed off-broadway in New York, receiving recognition as the “latest Japanese entertainment.”


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Digital Projection
team Lab.

Developing digital content and applying cutting-edge technology systems, teamLab is an ultra technology-focused group of specialists of various areas of digitalism, including programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, and architects. Surpassing the boundaries of art, science, technology, and creativity, this group functions with collective creation as its concept.

teamLab has opened art exhibits domestically and internationally including teamLab Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park, which was attended by 470,000 visitors.

In addition, teamLAB has opened the Japanese building at milanoexpo-2015, DMM. Saatchi Gallery in London, Maison & Objet in Paris, DMM. Planets Art by teamLab with an over 5-hour waiting time. There were also solo exhibitions in Singapore, Taiwan, and London, as well as a large-scale permanent installation in Singapore.

In summer 2018, Mori Building Co., Ltd., in cooperation with Odaiba Palette Town, MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless was opened.

Stage Set Design
Rumi Matui

After working with Shiki Theatre Company, she went to study abroad in London and began her career as a stage designer. Her work for a stage perfromance that debuted on Broadway was nominated for the Tony Award. She has been chosen as one of the world’s top 12 stage designers by OISTAT.

Stage Costume Design
Koshino Junko

At age 19 she was the youngest to win the Soensho Award in fashion as a new designer. She participated in her first Paris collection in 1978.

Koshino has had fashion shows throughout the world, including in Beijing, New York (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), Vietnam, Cuba, Poland, and Myanmar.

She is also involved in and takes part international cultural exchange projects. She designs for opera and broadway musicals (Tony Award-nominated “Pacific Overtures”), in addition to sports uniforms, firework design. She is also a supporter of revitalization efforts from natural disasters both in Japan and abroad.

Koshino is a member of the organising, cultural, and education committees of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Games. For the 2025 Japan World Expo she is a special envoy. She is also a Person of Cultural Merit.

Koshino broadcasts every Sunday from 17:00 on TBS Radio’s Koshino Junko MASACA. Starting in 2012 Koshino has been involved in costume design for DRUM TAO.

About Wadaiko,
Japan’s Traditional Drums

A percussion instrument deeply rooted in the Japanese soul.
A sound that summons ancient memories.

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To the Japanese, the sound of wadaiko drums is rooted in memories from the ancient past which are intertwined with the everyday life.

In the past, warriors used the wadaiko in battle as a communication tool while for the common people the echo of the drums used to carry their prayers for a good harvest and their thoughts of their ancestors.

The surface of wadaiko is made of cowhide, which withstands the beat of the thick wooden sticks, while the drum body is made from hardwood. It takes three to five years to make a good quality wadaiko. The skills of the craftspeople are at work to ensure the best traditional sound.

Wadaiko is still used at local festivals and religious ceremonies. They also play an important role in traditional performing arts such as kabuki theater.

MANGEKYO has taken the traditional drum sound to the level of a cutting-edge contemporary stage performance. It is a high-quality entertainment that can only be seen in Japan, created by professional wadaiko performers.


Create a Wonderful Memory
at One of Tokyo’s Major Sightseeing Areas!

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The Alternative Theatre was opened in July 2017 in Yurakucho. This is a state-of-the-art theater operated by Studio Alta.

The theater has approximately 400 seats very close to the stage, giving the audience a good view of the stage and a sense of unity with the performance.

The theater uses its stage technologies keeps the audience entertained with an experience not available anywhere else.

The theater is located in "Yurakucho", one of the biggest downtowns in the world and an attractive area, having a good traffic accessibility, in which people can enjoy food and shopping as well as performances at the theater on weekdays and holidays.

Tickects & Schedule

Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo

Yurakucho (Ginza) Performance:

April 10 (Wed.) - June 30 (Sun.) 2019

- Online Reservations -

Please refer to the following websites.

Yurakucho (Ginza) Performance


Revolutionary New Drumming Entertainment in Tokyo -MANGEKYO-
Sponsored by
JTB Communication Design, Inc., Nippon Television Network Corporation
Produced by
JTB Communication Design, Inc. TAO Entertainment, Inc.
Performed by
Official Partners:
JTB Corp.
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